What they’re saying about the book:  

For anyone who has ever worked in a toxic environment and who says ‘Never again!’ to that - read and share this book. We would have a happier and more fulfilled society if this was required reading (an enacting) for all CEOs
— Daniela Papi-Thornton, CEO, Systems-led Leadership
Moe Carrick understands the future of the workplace. Her open-hearted, trust-centric approach to business leadership is not only good for employees, but it’s also good for the economy.
— Vanessa Childers, Editorial Director, Conscious Company Media
In a day and age where businesses range from megacorporate America to your one person start-ups, Moe Carrick has a way to relate to every human being weathering the highs and lows of their careers with wisdom, experience, and most importantly heart.  Moe not only presents a broad perspective on how to maneuver your career but also adds tools and techniques to become more successful professionally and personally. Bravespace Workplace is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their business and their own capacity for success
— Molly Carroll, therapist, speaker and author of Trust Within: Letting Intuition Lead, available October 17th, 2017 from Grand Harbor Press. 
Moe Carrick has spent her career helping organizations enhance their results by improving how they lead, how their treat their people and how they cultivate healthy cultures. Bravespace condenses that deep experience into a playbook that leaders can follow to build healthier, more successful workplaces.
— Ron Frirtz, CEO, Tech Soft 3D
“It seems so simple, remembering to lead with heart. Bravespace gave me thoughtful questions to ask myself on how to lead to ensure our business is people and planet first.”
— Casey Hansiko, President, Adventure Travel Trade Association